Homepage News “Beykoz Symposium 2019” will be held on December 6-8!

“Beykoz Symposium 2019” will be held on December 6-8!

by samblog

“Beykoz Symposium 2019” , which will be organized by Beykoz Municipality on 6-7-8 December 2019, will cover a wide period of time including past, present and future of the district. Thus, in addition to addressing the development of Beykoz with a historical approach, the current economic-political and demographic structure of the district, the history of sports, ecological opportunities and problems, the history of education and gaining the quality of being an education center, such as the place of our district in today’s literatur is intended to be addressed.

In addition, three important exhibitions will be opened during the symposium. The exhibitions curated by  Prof. Rahmi Deniz Özbay, will include topics like  “Beykoz in Ottoman Archive Documents”, “Beykoz Water and Municipal Services in Stamps and Scissors” and “Beykoz on postcards” .

For Symposium abstracts click here.

For the symposium official website and detailed information click here.

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