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Visiting Researcher Program

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Center for Urban Studies Visiting Researcher Program is designed to provide a suitable
the scientific environment for researchers working in the field of urban and urban life, besides
the university ID cards, access to libraries and other research facilities. As an extension of the
main purposes of our center, this program is aimed at improving inter-institutional relations
and sharing scientific knowledge of intellectual and policy debates on the urban.

Associate faculty members, senior researchers, post-doctoral researchers, post-graduate
students and specialists may apply to the Visiting Researcher Program. In the execution of
this program, acceptance letters are awarded to applicants acknowledged by the Center for
the necessary funding, and if there is no other funding source, the support programs given
below are also provided for applicants. Applications can be made application for short and
long-term periods. Admission as a Visiting Researcher is assessed on an individual basis.

Applying for Admission
The Visiting Researcher Program aims to provide a rich academic environment for both Şehir
University and visiting researchers and purposes to exchange scientific information through
seminars, conferences, and discussions. The researcher is expected to give an open
presentation to everyone involved in the project and they are encouraged to participate the
programs in the center. If the center and the researcher agree, opening a course at the
university can be considered. It is kindly expected from the visiting researchers that in the
presentations and publications on their projects include thanking the center.

Admission Process & Requirements
To be considered as an applicant for the Visiting Researcher Program you need to have
-Cover letter (cover letter describing why you applied to the center and/or the
program for short)
-Research Proposal. The research area should be within the scope of the Center for
Urban Studies
-Working schedule
Applications are open throughout the year. Please note that after the required documents
are completed, they should be sent to sam@sehir.edu.tr

Participating in the Visiting Researcher Program will include the following benefits:
– University identity card (ID)
-Unlimited access to Sehir University Library. Our library may bring any kind of
the requested book about the research topic.
-Workspace within the center; fully equipped (telephone, stationery, etc.), and
working table.
-Printing and photocopy support, (amount determined by the central / university
-Lunch meal support (within the bounds of possibility)
-Computer (within the bounds of possibility)
-Computer technical support
-Transport service (within the bounds of possibility)

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits;
-The assistant support (within the bounds of possibility) considering the time and
research which is at the center
-Statement support (within the bounds of possibility)
-Support for the attendance of assistants and scientific meetings can be re-audited by the
Central Executive Committee in case the researcher lectures.

Financial Support Programs:
2221 – Fellowships for Visiting Scientists and Scientists on Sabbatical Leave
2236 – Co-Funded Brain Circulation Scheme (Co-Circulation Scheme)
2216 – Research Fellowship Programme for International Researchers
Postdoctoral Scholarships for Turkish Citizens
2215 – Graduate Scholarship Programme for International Students
2235 – Graduate Scholarship Programme For the Least Developed Countries
 Türkiye Scholarships

Türkiye Scholarships provides various research grants to international researchers and
academicians, in order to encourage them to carry out beneficial collaborative research with
our country teaching staff and to ensure that the international scientific interaction between
researchers develop. The Research Scholarships category within the Türkiye Scholarships
are provided for international students/researchers who are nationals of a country other
than Turkey. Candidates must either have completed their doctorate degree or be in the
thesis phase during their doctoral studies. In addition, to be a researcher in Turkey, an official
document of acceptance/invitation must have received from the host university.
Details can be found on the website.

The European Research Council (ERC) offers a variety of scholarships to support the work of
researchers, regardless of their age and gender, from anywhere in the world.
Details can be found on the website.

Fulbright scholarships also support the work of Turkish and American researchers.
Details can be found on the website.



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