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Thesis: “A Constructor in Ottoman Architecture: Ali Pasha of Çorlu and His Works”

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Author: Özge Eda Köse

Selin Özhasta, “A Constructor in Ottoman Architecture: Ali Pasha of Çorlu and His Works” Selçuk University, MA, 2019.

The constructor of the architectural building group introduced in this higher education thesis is
Çorlulu Ali Pasha, a state personage of 18. Century Ottoman Empire. Having assumed important
duties in different state positions, Çorlulu Ali Pasha's final duty was the viziership. In this thesis
prepared as a study of Art History information about Çorlulu Ali Pasha's value in the Ottoman
Empire and his political identity is shared. However, the buildings which were constructed by
him and which bear great impotence for final era Ottoman architecture and social life form the
core of the subject. Çorlulu Ali Pasha constructed a mosque, a temple, a madrasa (religion
school) , two shadarvans (fountains for taking ablution) and a site with two separate graveyards
in Eminönü and also an inn in Eminönü, a mosque and a Turkish bath in Kasımpaşa Beyoğlu and
different types of fountains in several districts of Istanbul. As well as maintaining their lives not
only in the past but also at present, these building also add value to the districts where they are. In
this higher education thesis, the buildings the constructor of which is Çorlulu Ali Paşha are
introduced in details according to the methods of Art History chronologically and the position of
these buildings in Ottoman art has been tried to be put forward. They have been examined in
terms of the value of their constructor to Ottoman and Islam. The Site and the construction
elements inside are, now, in a high street in Eminonu and bear financial and historical importance
for the street. Çorlulu Ali Pasha Mosque in an old shipyard in Beyoglu is gorgeous enough to
attract the congregation among the old shipyard buildings and still, full of life. Though being
unusable in the streets, the fountains, yet, exist in a state to be able to share their own stories and
histories with the visitors both through their scripts and broken stone bases. Eminönü Çorlulu Ali
Pasha site is made up of places positioned around two separate yards. One is a square-planned,
single domed mosque. While Its ablution place and square-planned lodge cells are in a court, a
square-planned madrasa, the ablution place of this madrasa, and a polygonal classroom are in the

other court. There are two graveyards in the front side of the Site. Another place in Eminonu like
the Site is the Inn which is a single-courted, two stories city inn The mosque in Beyoğlu is a
square planned coast mosque and was constructed together with a small neighborhood bath. five
fountains constructed in different districts of Istanbul are assessed within the classification of
neighborhood square fountain. In this research, the mansion in Arnavutkoy in which Çorlulu Ali
Paşa resided and 13 fountains which are thought to have been constructed in Istanbul but, could
not exist to our time are studied under separate titles. Information about these buildings has been
provided by benefiting from the present documents. The introduction of the buildings an Ottoman
state personage constructed in order to donate the fortune he earned to the layers of public, also
enlightens the historical and socio-economic structure of the era. So, an opportunity will be
rendered for the unity-awareness building a society to be understood.


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