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Thesis: “An Ottoman Sanjak in Process of Change: Latakia (1864-1918)”

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Author: Özge Eda Kaya

İlker Kiremit, “An Ottoman Sanjak in Process of Change: Latakia (1864-1918)”, Hacettepe University, PhD, 2019.

Since the second half of the 19th century, the administrative reforms of the Ottoman Empire were reflected in Latakia, a town in the west of Syria, The city was also a coast-harbour, Latakia had humane importance with its inhabitants living in the mountains stretching to the East. Especially, the second element has played a role in establishing a sanjak administration in the rural- provincial center of the Empire. An administrative arrangement based on the sanjak organization in 1880 in Latakia was found necessary for the execution of military and financial obligations and the state's desire to establish authority in this region. By these measures, the Ottoman administration aimed to control the “disobedient”; population that live on the mountainside by
way of administrative control and military police network. Latakia was also one of the most important areas in which missionary activities were carried out in Syria Province. In this respect, conflicts between the state and missionaries affected the local population directly. Both the activities that were carried out by missionaries with different channels and the policy that the state has developed in the opposite direction had a significant impact on the life of the local people, especially the Nusayris. The work of the state against missionary activities constitutes another part of the thesis.

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