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Introductory Meeting of Istanbul Planning Agency has been Held!

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News: Esra Adıyaman, Mahmud Ertürk, Elif Ceyhan, Master students of Urban studies in İstanbul Şehir University.

The introductory meeting of the İstanbul planning agency which was established by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of determining the strategies and vision of the city with broad participation and shared mind was held at the Istanbul Congress Center on Wednesday, February 12 at 13:00.

The opening speech of the agency’s publicity meeting, which is stated to be based on an open, transparent, accountable and inclusive new generation municipality approach, was made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu.

Noting that they are aiming to create a model of local democracy from Istanbul to the world, Imamoglu stated the following: “We are engaged in an innovative and inclusive planning effort to determine the economic and social strategies of Istanbul and to describe its spatial organization. The basic need of Istanbul is to come together with a social consensus around this understanding. The Istanbul Planning Agency is the solution to the real problems of Istanbul with the values ​​that make Istanbul as Istanbul, its developing economy, its protected historical identity, and most importantly, the people who look forward to the future, with the contribution of hundreds of experts who are experienced in their fields, who have the knowledge, belief, and vision to set up the planning process and will put forward its long-term spatial and strategic plan ”.




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