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Master Program

Work with professional academicians, think together about cities and develop projects for the future…

Center for Urban Studies’ Master Program, parallel to the studies carried out at İstanbul Sehir University Center for Urban Studies, in terms of research and intellectual production, primarily focus on the areas such as the urban history, urban geography, urban sociology, local governments, demography and population movements, immigration, art and architecture, large-scale city data analysis, geographic information systems (GIS) and visualization, of Istanbul and Turkey. Thesis and project topics are also encouraged to be selected from these fields.

In addition to quantitative (advanced statistical applications and social network analysis) and qualitative research methods (ethnographic methods, in-depth interview techniques), documentary research, visualization of urban archives and inclusion of geographic information systems in research processes will be the main areas of focus for the program:

  • Cities and City Zones
  • Urbanization Processes and Problems
  • Social Structure, Social Networking and Stratification
  • Urban History

The Master Program of Center for Urban Studies offers students range of research areas with rich course content.  In addition to our instructors such as Eda Yücesoy, Alim Arli, Yunus Ugur, Halil İbrahim Düzenli, Zubeyir Nişancı, Ferhat Kentel, Mehmet Genç, M. Fatih Aysan and Fatih Altuğ, Uğur Tanyeli and İmre Özbek Eren as guest researchers from the Faculty of Architecture and Design will also attend classes and workshops.

Please click here for detailed information about Urban Studies Master’s Program.

Yunus Uğur
Eda Yücesoy
Alim Arlı
Mehmet Genç
Uğur Tanyeli
Cem Behar
Halil İbrahim Düzenli
Zübeyir Nişancı
M. Fatih Aysan
İmre Özbek Eren
Ferhat Kentel
Fatih Altuğ