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New Book: “Istanbul Quadratic Stories” (Tolga Gümüşay)

by samblog

“Istanbul Quadratic Stories” signed by TOLGA GÜMÜŞAY and labeled as GOLD BOOKS combines the realism of photography with the possibilities of literature.


How many colors, how many districts, how many emotions and ages of the world’s oldest metropolitan can fit into a story book? What makes pigeons and seagulls, street vendors, sunset, people who have migrated from other lands belong to a city? Are the people, animals, waters and houses of a city gets similar to each other as they continue to live side by side? Or is it the secret of Istanbul that it offers the possibility to live together without resembling one another?


Istanbul Quadratic Stories reveals the various states of being in one of the most beautiful cities in the world by combining the realism of photography and the possibilities of literature. It converts the everyday life of Istanbul into stories that reflect the magic of living in this city.





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